Great comment from my Geoserver course

I just received this comment from someone taking my Geoserver course.  I was a little nervous because teaching Geoserver is a lot trickier than just teaching a desktop GIS – more things can go wrong, and a student can get really stuck and confused.

This comment from a non-native English speaker, along with so many others, tells me the course is doing the right thing when it comes to getting novices up and running with Geoserver:

Professor for me you are a very gifted teacher who knows how to inspire students. I followed every lessons/videos with passion and full of energy, the reason is you know how to structure the subject matter that you are teaching and presenting it in a very simple and easy to follow way, the same is true in your teaching about Geoserver. Even though as you said teaching about Geoserver is your tricky, but I didn’t see that. It is so professional, for me there is no difference from the rest of your other courses that are highly inspiring and motivating. I am very satisfied with this one.

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