Consulting is mostly about GIS education and training.  However, each year, we take on some smaller consulting projects.  Nothing big, mostly writing scripts, preparing data, or developing a small application.  Most of the consulting projects are done using Manifold GIS, although at times we’ll do something with an open source product.  For larger projects, we rely upon a stable of friends who can take large scale application development, Internet map serving, or large data conversion, and would be happy to recommend someone to help you.

Some projects in the past include:

  • Natural gas pipeline damage identification tool
  • Analysis of race track soil moisture for race day preparation
  • Scripts to update agricultural field sites
  • Locating customer saturation for ATM machines
  • Identification of geographic variables that spatially correlate with potential commercial building sites
  • Creation of damage indices for a water distribution system
  • Automated prediction of pipeline damage during an earthquake
  • Associating census data to wireless cell tower sites
  • Scripts to automatically convert data from one format to another.
  • Generating point-to-point distances between sites both as-the-crow-flies and over a geometric network
  • Distance decay analysis for community outreach organizations (churches, zoos, sports leagues)