Enterprise GIS

Going through the gisadvisor.com Enterprise GIS training has enabled me (an individual with very little computer experience) to actually implement an enterprise GIS for
my organization.  We have multiple software products
(PostGRES/PostGIS, Manifold, and Quantum GIS) and remote sites.  And, I did it without the need for expensive consultants.

enterpriseIn response to the high cost and complexities of implementing an enterprise GIS, gisadvisor.com created an easy-to-follow, hands-on training course allowing students to actually build a
multi-user enterprise GIS using PostGIS (free), Manifold ($395 enterprise edition), and Quantum GIS (free).  This course will teach the user how to install the enterprise software, design the database including users, roles, security, specialized views, constraints, load data, and finally perform analysis.  Click below to see an outline of the courses.

Enterprise GIS with Manifold

Enterprise GIS for Open Source

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