GIS Programming with Manifold

Programming with Manifold GIS ($75)prog

Based on overwhelming requests to learn how to write scripts for Manifold GIS, has developed a 2 day training course in customizing Manifold GIS 6.5 with VBScript.

Users of the training have indicated they were able to save THOUSANDS of dollars in consulting costs within the first day of using the training.

The course does not require any programming knowledge to follow along.  Although, we recommend you pick up a good book on VBScript to have as a reference.

Course Outline

Part I  – Overview of the Object Model

Part II – Getting a hold of the Object Model
Finding the Components
The Drawing Object
The Table Object
The Surface Object
The Map Object
The Analyzer Object
The Query Object

Part III – Examples of Automating Tasks with VBScript
Coordinate Systems
Shortest Path between cities
Separating State from County Borders
Part IV –  Bonus Features

Part IV –  Bonus Features
Integrating ActiveX with VBScript
Creating an Add-in

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