Introduction to Manifold GIS 8

“I have an intern helping out this summer…He just got a minor in GIS with a lot of ArcGIS experience…His overall impression was excellent and I’m surprised by how quick he’s producing results for me.  When I think of the amount of time it might have cost me bringing him up-to-speed, the price [of the training] was a no-brainer.”

Introduction to Manifold GIS 8 is the most popular training video, enabling users to get up to speed with Manifold GIS very quickly.  There are over 100 topics covered,intro and the course is similar to a two-day training class.  The only difference is, when you want to slow things down, just rewind the video and watch it again.

You can see the course outline here: Introduction to Manifold GIS Outline

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Manifold GIS 8

  1. Hi,

    Questions please. Are the 13 lessons in the last 3 pages of the outline in the link above also included in the video training?

    Do I get to keep the video or is it like a link?

    Thank you.


  2. can anyone help me what to do, i draw points on the drawing layer and created a polygon, i wish to know the area of my created polygon but when i click on fields the area(I) appears like this 2.2324445445E-05, please can anyone help me how to get the area.thanks


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